Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yume Musubi Koi Musubi Ch 14 ENG!

TIREDDDD!!!!!! IT'S 3:35 in the morning now *yawns*

Just finished scanlating yume musubi koi musubi chapter 14...well it's low quality still, and i'm really tired, so the boxes and everything is really ugly >.< sorry! Still i was really excited about this chapter cos this is a huge leap in their relationship and many people were expecting this chapter for 2 months...(me too) so i just decided to go ahead and scanlate it!

Sorrrrry if it's not pretty, but just read for the translations :D
oh, remember to sort it according to name.
And page 16 was weird, i couldn't open it in the editor, so it's still chinese!
But nevertheless enjoy!

Sweet Pool

Somehow my taste for translating has picked up again >.< I have picked up translating sweet pool again, and have almost (I meant it!) finished translating script #31. Bof, it was tiring, but this time, i only needed the dictionary for some parts only. Japanese level-up! But most of the time, I think I only understand cos my chinese is not bad haha.

Talking about Sweet Pool, let me rant for a while...
I can't feel the love from Sweet Pool, I mean, it's not a bad thing, in fact it's great! The taglines of the series was "Koi mo naku" = "Not love"; it's something deeper, and to that aspect, I have felt that there's something dark and something mysterious that has engulfed me whenever I played the VN. I could feel Tetsuo's care and concern for Youji, but somehow, the love between them was always surpressed and the two never seemed to be able to convey openly how they felt about each other. Maybe they did, but then again, they didn't. It's somewhere in between and the fine line between love and acquintance is blurred. It makes the player think and think and anticipate, but somehow the climax didn't quite come. I guess that's what's so special about the title.

All Nitro+Chiral titles have such a feeling to them...well I didn't play Lamento so I wouldn't know T.T
I'm saving up to go to Comiket this december...don't know ifI'll make it in time haha.
Well thens, back to translating~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lunar New Year

Yes I got 4 days worth of holiday for Chinese New Year! And I busily spent those 4 days playing Final Fantasy VII on my PSX. Yes, slow as I am to discover this great classic 10 years after it's release and play 13 years after it was, I still feel it's greatness even now.

The one thing that really attracts and pulls me in about this great game is the beautiful storyline. From Midgar to Gongaga, though the two are so dissimilar in terms of industrialization and such, one can feel the same sense of nostalgia flowing through these small cities and even feel sympathy for the slum dwellers. The golden saucer's joy and happiness was simply a facade for the hidden darkness and corruption that the world had, and one could feel through the setting and story that this happiness was just momentary. Yet people are struggling. AVALANCHE was not as much an impact to me as Cloud and Aerith were. Both may appear to be strong and uncaring for Cloud's case, but you can see that they are lost, lost in this whole bustling world of chaos. One could that Cloud did not the directions in his life and Aerith was all alone, despite having her companions, you could feel her loneliness and her desire to return to her kind. Sometimes, through the flashback of Cloud in Nibleheim, I kept screaming, "But that was Zack's story!", 'cos I had played through crisis core and sympatized greatly with Zack, but at the same time, this just showed how sad and miserable Cloud was, to not even know his own identity or remember the old friends that he used to have.

When did Cloud laugh? At the beginning of everything, on the rooftop with Aerith, when everything seemed so simple and safe. But no, FFVII presents to you a story so complex yet beautifully brought out that you will be hooked and screaming for more.
Aerith, if you leave, who will show Cloud the direction?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Haruhi Holiday Greeeetings!

Some Haruhi Holiday Greetings!

My only figma! From Japan ;D That my good friend bought for <3

Aizeeeeeeen wallpaper <3
Oh yeah, minna-san, help to comment on my art! :D

Merry Chrismas!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mirage of Blaze final chapter--senoku no yoru wo koete

Rewatched MoB and ignited the flames in me. Started reading the novels, and the ending...after 40 volumes of pain and angst and love... I present to you:

Mirage of Blaze Final Chapter--Surpassing the thousand billion nights. This made me drown in my tears again. Grab a tissue and listen to the sad background music in the drama CD T__T NAOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ;-;

The ending of Mirage of Blaze... (And the prelude to eternal seperation ;-;)
Those long four hundred years...
To fight alongside you, through countless dangers--
The road that has ended has been refound, the doors that have closed have opened again.
Through tears, through blood, loving eaching other excruiciatingly,
finding what is the "most" to us--
Are you tired?
This life has been too long.
To be able to have spent it with you, is my entire life's meaning and utmost honor.
Your love, has caused my life to be rejuvenated, and injected the soul into the body that had died 400 years ago.
You trusted me.
Because you belived in my "eternity", and that's why you sleep in me.
I want to use the remaining of my life to respond to the trust that i finally received from you.
I will continue living, and I will continue to reincarnate.
Until I am the last man standing in this world, I will continue to reincarnate.
As myself--Naoe Nobutsuna--I will live.
I will continue living, living, until this planet is destroyed.
Until I am the last survivor, and in the last moments of my life, I will be able to prove to you:
My love is eternal.
The wind is blowing.
It's wind from the day that I first met Kagetora.
The soundwaves have not changed, and it probably will be same until the day the seas disappear.
The waves took away the name that been called out repeatedly.
The seas had heard this declaration.
Naoe slowly opened his eyes.
Stepping on the sand, the overlapping clouds that spanned ahead, became dyed with the colors of the morning.
The birds flew high across.
The tracks left on the sand, was slowly engulfed by the waves.

Naoe-sannnnnn! T-T Naoe's determination to live alone with Kagetora's legacy made me cry...he was so determined to be continue living for the sake of the soul of Kagetora that was absorbed into his own body. (See below) But Naoe! What would be the meaning of your life now? You have been living for Kagetora and now...what are you going to do with your life? What ever meaningful things you do that, there will always be a gap in your heart, that cannot be filled...yet you persist on! Naoe-sannnnnnnnnn! Why are you so harsh to yourselfff! We all know your love is eternal whether or nooot you are thereee! T________T

附炎の蜃气楼 虹之泉 应募CD 千億の夜をこえて(Drama CD) ==> So this wasn't officially in the book!??!?! So TAKAYA DIDN'T SAY I LOVE YOU TO NAOE IN THE BOOOK??!??!?! USOOOOOOOOOO! (A bit tired to translate, will continue later ;-;)

Na...oe...I can't move my body anymore...

Don't push yourself, it's fine to use brainwave, I'll read it.

I...haven't many stars...for such a long time...

…… Yeah...

Have I told you about it before? My father's hometown...a place called oomachi...

It's in the mountains of the Northern Alps right? A long time ago, i used to pass by there.

...Yeah...there, the stars were beautiful. They covered the whole sky! Dim stars, bright stars. "All the stars in sky seemed as if they were going to fall" is perfectly used to describe the sky even seemed fearsome, those skies. In the Sengoku era , no matter where one was, one could definitely see countless stars on a moonless night... I do not fear those skies, though when did the star seem to dwindle in number? ...I'm sorry, Naoe...Seems like...I can't fulfill my promise anymore.

...No, the places where I had been with you, were all considered the Kai's house to me...Takaya-san...

It's so quiet...

When we entered the Heavenly pillar, I knew that this moment would come, but I did not regret, for this is enough. For us, it's enough. Until the last moment, the one who was released was me. You, released me. Even if it's now, this moment, your love still release me from all the sadness and pain. Those hurt souls, and things that cause us to be despondent, retractful and fearful, when we care about such things in our mind, that is what causes them to become real. But when I am struggling on this dark and thorned path, it is your love that allowed me to climb higher. The me now is ablt to have no more confusion in my heart, because you lived with me in such seriousness. Even though this way of living wasn't easily established between us, and you may still have that sense of insecurity around, but you still walk on the road with me without regret, and fight the difficult battle beside me. You never gave in to me in cosolation, but you came face to face with my thoughts, and attempted to record down every step that we took together.Because you are like that, you lived together with me. No matter what, no matter when, your strong love, was the one that gave me true liberation. You were the one who taught me! If you do not have any regrets, then I would have no regrets towards life too...


I love you, Kagetore-sama...


I love you...

I'me sorry, Naoe, to leave you alone here...


That is...the only thing...that I regret...

I was not left behind, you're still with me. Even though there're tears, those are not of sadness nor a sigh of regret. Because even if you have disappeared, you will still continue to live together with me.

Naoe. If that is so...then...I would have no regrets either. Can you still capture Nobunaga's movements, Naoe?


Nobunaga's soul has not been purified yet...Naoe, after I die, please put mysoul into your own body.

I understand.



Na...oe...I love

That ripped my heart out T.T TakayaXNaoeXKagetora forever!!!!!!! T__________T

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Togainu no Chi

Today was the first rainy shower after I had listened to Shiki's Drama CD. It really made me depressed. I still remembered myself soaked in my own tears yesterday right after I listened to Shiki's drama.

Here's a small snippet of their conversation.
(Shiki was the strongest man in Igura, but he was defeated by Nano before, and his life's purpose was to find him and prove that he can defeat Nano now if he ever saw him. Along the way Shiki had chanced upon Akira many times, and he captured Akira in hopes of destroying Akira's determination(which was what had attracted him in the first place). Then one day, Akira got captured by Arbitiro and Shiki went after them. He found out that Nano was there and got into a fight with Nano.)

Nano: You're really foolish. You don't give up even after I have defeated you everytime you challenged me. You obviously know that you cannot defeat me. You know why? That's because you have never experienced sheer feeling of fear...but I have. You don't understand that without the weak there can be no strong. I'm under the torment that you can never imagine...and that's why I am strong.

Shiki: Shut up!

Nano asks Shiki to just take his blood, which is Rain and makes people stronger. Nano says things that tries to sway Shiki to consume Rain. Shiki almost succumbs.

Shiki: In order to obtain this power, I have thrown away everything! I've even killed my parents with this hand. This time I will surpass you! (He almost takes the Rain...Until he hears Akira's voice.

(This part is actually beautiful in a sense that we can finallly see that the strongest Shiki has his weak points and there're things that even his will can succumb to. It shows he is so twisted that he just wants to do anything to defeat Nano, and that is his one obsession. But that is so until Akira comes into the picture. For once, other than the ero scenes, Akira's words comes into his mind despite all his obsessions.)

Akira: Shiki! Didn't you say that you will defeat him with your own powers!? To be trapped by weakness and to defeat it is totally different! Wake up!

Shiki finally realizes he almost got tricked by Nano and comes to a realization scornfully. He pulls out his sword and kills Nano. (Nano let Shiki kill him.)

Nano: You lose.

Shiki, running towards Nano to kill him, he remembers what Akira said to him.
Akira: Till the very end, I won't listen to anyone but my own will.

Shiki repeats what Akira said in unison: I don't belong to anyone, I BELONG TO MYSELF!

Right before he kills Nano, Shiki still remembers what Akira said, and says: Akira, like you said how you belonged to yourself till the very end, I will follow my own will...even if it's confined by the craziness of Nicole...I will KILL YOU!

Then, the beautiful yet sad ending theme plays, and the tears start flowing.

After that, Shiki went into a state well he can't speak properly or move about. He is confined to a wheelchair. Akira protects him by taking on his role and defeating people who come to challenge "Shiki".

Till the very end, the last moment where Shiki had his conciousness, he remembered what Akira said to him, and he himself agreed to it. He wanted Akira to live on. He wanted Akira to continue fighting on and having Akira's determination, even though he himself is going to go into a state where he no longer has any will left in him. Was that out of love? I thought that was the moment, THE moment where Shiki had shown his emotions for Akira. It was touching, yet it was the last time Shiki would emotionally reach out for Akira.

Looking back, Shiki is really really tired from all the fighting in his life, and just living for the sake of killing someone and destroying things. He has lost his purpose in life, and lost the drive to live. For once, he can finally just go into this state of repression where everything is just bland and peaceful for him. It's like Shiki can finally get some rest from his ragged life.

At the end, Shiki hears Akira fighting against challengers and the sound of the blades clashing triggers something in him. He asks Akira's name again, and this was the scene that had happened earlier. He remembers something, but most of his memories are still locked away.

I don't know if this is a good ending for Shiki, but my heart just reaches out to him for Shiki's life has really really worn him down. But I just can't get over the fact,

that Akira,

has to live with and bear the fact,

the strong-willed Shiki that he might have loved,

is no longer here, and yet

must not give up,

in the hope that Shiki will come back.

Shiki, please come back to us.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Uragiri wa boku no namae o shitteiru chapter 7

AAAAAAAAAAAH Here comes chapter 7! Still not HQ! Sorry :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Uragiri wa boku no namae o shitteiru chapter 6

Hi Everyone!

I bring gooood news!

I've just finished the scanlation for Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae O Shitteiru Chapter 6! Sorry it's very low quality, but at least now for some we can finally know what's going on! I'll improve on the quality next time!

Hotsuma is soooooo cool (Ruka's hot) xD I immediately liked Hotsuma-kun's attitude :D

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